Treasure Hunt Riddles

Joker's Mask Representing Treasure Hunt RiddlesSo what ARE those things that we need to solve to before moving on to the next stage of a treasure hunt? Do a quick Internet search and you will see them referred to as riddles, puzzles,¬†clues and more. We like to say ‘Treasure Hunt Riddles’ and that appears to be a very commonly search for term in Google but there is obviously no consensus out there.

Riddles are Puzzles

The previous statement may sound like a bit of a riddle itself. The thing is though, that riddles are actually types of puzzles. Wikipedia places riddles in the puzzle hierarchy under ‘Guessing Games’ which is one of seven main puzzle types listed there. The common theme is that they are all things that are difficult to understand.

Riddles are puzzles that have a deeper, hidden meaning and can be either statements or questions. They always have a solution or answer which is unusual for statements. Although many riddles rhyme, this is not a requirement.

Going further down the pecking order, riddles can be either enigmas (requiring logic) or conundra (based on puns).

Clues do not fit into the puzzle hierarchy with riddles, enigma and conundra. They can be described as information or a thing that helps to understand or find something else. Despite being almost antonyms for puzzles, clues do seem to fit in this context. The trick is to think of ‘Treasure Hunt Riddles’ as keeping the treasure hidden whereas ‘Treasure Hunt Clues’ help you to find the treasure which is hidden physically in some great hiding spot.

Now that we understand a little more about the terminology here, take a look at Riddles and Answers for some tips on how to find lots of treasure hunt riddles that you can use in your own treasure hunts.

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