Treasure Hunt Ideas

The explosive adoption of mobile phones has been the trigger for lots of great treasure hunt ideas. Participants can either call or SMS an organizer with solutions to receive the next riddle.

Treasure Trails in the UK encourage families to get out and see the sites by allowing participants to download treasure hunts to their smart phones as an alternative to printing them out.

Brothers Andrew and Stephen Canis have implemented one of their best treasure hunt ideas as TextClues. Organisers can use their service to design whole treasure hunts without having to prepare and hide paper versions of their riddles. Participants receive riddles via SMS and can submit their solutions by replying.

DreamWalk provide Australian companies looking to promote their business with the opportunity to create treasure hunts that their customers can complete with a good set of walking shoes and a smart phone.

By adding 2D barcodes into the mix, ClassTools provide yet another technology enhanced treasure hunt. Organizers can design their games and then generate barcodes that they can hide in various locations. Participants use their smart phones to scan the barcodes to reveal riddles.

Geocaching is another case where technology has made its mark on the treasure hunt. Here participants use GPS receivers to locate caches hidden by other players.

Carlton Books used an interesting mix of on- and offline technologies with The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth where participants were required to solve riddles in a physical book to identify locations in Google Earth.

The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt also uses a book but has the creative addition leading participants to sponsors websites – all in the name of charity.

Businesses can have Cash Treasure Hunt send traffic to their website. Participants go there because that is the location of the next riddle. They can win cash prizes funded presumably by affiliate marketing income that the site earns.

Let us know about any treasure hunt ideas that you have so that we can share them with the rest of the community!

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