Treasure Hunt Ads

You might associate treasure hunts with children’s games however treasure hunt ads are becoming more common online which probably indicates that there is more at stake.

We use Market Samurai for all of our search engine optimization work and plugged in the term “Treasure Hunt”. The result was that there are 16,700,000 web pages indexed within the Bing search engine and that the term is searched for 307 times a day within Google.

Market Samurai also has a pretty nifty metric which they call Adwords Value. It is a measure of the “Commerciality” of the keyword and is an indication of how much the top ranking page in Google could expect to earn by hosting Google AdSense advertisements. For “Treasure Hunt” this works out at $8.80 in Australian dollars – or a respectable $3,212 a year.

The top ranking is held by Treasure Hunt Coins at the moment. Despite the name, this does not have anything to do with the game but rather is a company that buys and sells gold, silver, jewelry… and coins!

Number two on Google is Treasure Hunt Ads which is all about bargain hunting.

Wikipedia makes an appearance at number three with some reference information about treasure hunt the game but then it is straight back over to the commercial side with FL Treasure Hunt at number 4. This is the unclaimed property site for the state of Florida which is followed by another unclaimed property site. Treasure hunt ads for the government-run unclaimed property sites are not so common but there are plenty of private sites that do indulge.

The Pennsylvania Lottery site is yet another non game treasure hunt site – it comes in at number 6 before finally we get to a site which is at least related to the game – Geocaching at spot 7 covers a┬átreasure hunt variation that involves a GPS receiver.

Spot 8 and 9 are the unclaimed property sites for Iowa and Ohio respectively with Your Treasure Hunt scraping in at place 10 with used furniture.

So out of the top 10 ranking sites in Google, only 2 are related to the game. No wonder there are so many treasure hunt ads online these days!

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