SMS and Text Treasure Hunts

Text/SMS treasure hunts are springing up all over the globe. Teams receive riddles via Text/SMS from an automated service and send their solutions in response.

Usually, the treasure hunts are preconfigured which binds them to a specific area. Some form of scheduling is required in this case to prevent treasure hunts from becoming overcrowded. Generally only a limited list of cities is supported because of the effort involved in designing the treasure hunts.

An extra feature offered by TextClues removes these limitations. They allow organizers to configure treasure hunts themselves. Organizers can therefore target any city that they would like and because these treasure hunts are not shared there’s no risk of overcrowding. Scaling treasure hunts down to ‘one on one’ (one organizer and one player) also becomes possible. Could this become the next valentine’s day craze?

A given company’s service will be restricted to those countries in which it has an arrangement with an SMS gateway.

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