Scavenger Hunt Riddles

Before we get started finding you some killer scavenger hunt riddles, you might want to take a look at . It will help you understand the difference between a scavenger hunt and a treasure hunt. In a nutshell, a scavenger hunt involves a list of things that participants need to collect. A treasure hunt on the other hand, is a series of riddles that lead participants to an ultimate goal – the treasure! So strictly speaking, scavenger hunts don’t require riddles.

If you just won’t sleep right without some riddles to spice up your scavenger hunt, you should bear in mind that the answers to scavenger hunt riddles are always things. In contrast, treasure hunt riddles can have locations, directions and even people for example as answers. Participants in a scavenger hunt should however be able to collect (if only in digital form) the things that are the answers to the riddles. This of course rules out fridges, houses, trees and the like.

Be aware that even without using scavenger hunt riddles riddles, participants will often make creative interpretations. You might want to give them some indication of how much leeway they have so that you don’t just end up with a pile of pictures cut out of a magazine!

By far your best bet is to head over to . Contribute a single riddle and you will have access to all of the riddles that past visitors contributed. It is the fastest growing repository of scavenger hunt riddles on the internet!

You can also try the directory of our directory which includes lots of sites out on the internet that host lists of riddles and answers.

And last but not least, we always recommend that anyone organizing either a scavenger or treasure hunt should check out Riddle Me. You can really save some time if you are prepared to make a small investment.

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