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The fastest growing repository of riddles and answers on the Internet is Riddles and Answers.

Contribute a single riddle and gain access to those submitted by past visitors.

We realized the demand for riddles by watching the traffic to the Riddles and Answers category of our Directory. We also found that the sites that we included there had a common set of problems.

  1. Low numbers of riddles.
  2. Mouseclicks required to get the answers.
  3. Taking copies of riddles involved lots of cutting and pasting.
  4. There was no indication of quality.

Our solution addresses all of these issues.

  1. Having you, our dear visitors contribute riddles ensures that we have the fastest growing list of riddles on the Internet.
  2. We don’t put any hurdles between you and the answers.
  3. Because the answers are all right there – you can copy multiple riddles (along with their answers) in one go.
  4. We keep track of the riddles that our visitor’s take copies of and provide that information back to you as an indication of quality – the more often it is copied, the more likely that it is a good one.

Check out Riddles and Answers now. We hope you like it!

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