Pirate Treasure Map

A pirate treasure map.To add some flair to your treasure hunt, be sure to have an authentic looking pirate treasure map. You may need to be creative to integrate the map with your riddles but the effort is worth it.

There is not a lot of historical evidence that pirates used treasure maps or even that they buried their treasure very often. The origin of the treasure map is probably related to Captain Kidd and developed in the imaginations of the population as they imagined that he had hidden his treasure before being captured and that somewhere there might be a map.

You will find lots of tips on the Internet for how to make your own pirate treasure map. They usually involve lots of crumpling, tearing and staining with either tea or coffe. Here is a really good example. Don’t forget an ‘X’ to mark the location of the treasure.

X marks the spot!

A really nice touch that will require some adult supervision is to burn the edges of the map. Also, write some clues in lemon juice and they will only be revealed when held up to a heat source such as a light bulb – invisible ink!

Check Yarr Maps for a really creative use of technology. The pirate themed maps that you will find there are real maps that you can find directions with etc. They are powered by Google.

If you don’t have a creative bone in your body then don’t despair – Amazon have lots of great pirate treasure maps!

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