Online Treasure Hunts

You probably associate treasure hunts with lots of running around outside. There is another form of treasure hunt that does not require quite so much exertion. Online treasure hunt participants can solve all of the riddles and find their way to the treasure without ever leaving the comfort of their mouse pad.

These treasure hunts are hosted on a website which provides participants with riddles and checks their solutions before providing them with the next. The riddles usually require that participants go out onto the Internet and visit other sites to solve the riddles – often using search engines to find their way.

Often, online treasure hunts are funded through affiliate marketing arrangements where a commission is paid for every participant that is sent to a site. In some cases, the site requires that participants perform some action such as signing up for a newsletter.

Less creative sites actually require that players click on advertisements before they can start the hunt. The hunt itself is not always recognizable as a treasure hunt. In some cases, riddles are replaced by simple games.

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